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At SEO On The Go, we oversee your Google Advertising account for keywords that attract customers to your website. Positively oriented analysis on keywords decides the most economical path to bringing consumers to seek out what they sell. With the help of useful testing resources and business expertise, we will build successful paid search campaigns that will achieve your aim cost per sale.

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Investing in Google ads will allow you to find your site with great enthusiasm by customers who wouldn't normally find it using traditional strategies to leverage the search engine. Our in-house team blends the expertise with which you work with the top Google Ads business.

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We can set up your ad campaign, copy advertisements and customize any configuration. Variations in ads are produced and adjusted to achieve the best possible conversion rates.

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We create, manage and continuously optimize your Google Ad words, Bing, and Facebook ads. Guaranteeing that you will get the best results from your PPC campaign. The PPC specialists at SEO on the Go have one goal in mind, and that is to increase business revenue while spreading brand awareness at the same time. We have successfully delivered many custom PPC projects, which has given us vast amounts of experience that we can utilize to develop and implement a customized PPC strategy to boost your ranking and increase traffic on your website. Using the cost-effective solutions developed by our expert team shows superior results in a time-efficient manner.

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Where do the PPC ads are displayed?

PPC ads are displayed on the internet in multiple locations. The most common being search engine results pages (SERPs) such as Google Search, Yahoo, Bing, and more. The next useful place is social media such as Facebook ads, YouTube, Instagram and more. Finally, the third section of the internet is third-party websites where your PPC ads are displayed depending on the audience.

What factors determine the cost of a PPC campaign?

Prices can vary according to the nature & size of the business, its industry, and the length of the campaign. General factors are as follows: Bids being the first factor, is the amount you're willing to pay the publisher for someone to click on your ad. Keywords and targeting is another factor, some more competitive keywords have higher costs while targeting is the nature of your audience and the specific demographics. This is why you need the most effective PPC management team who can lower your PPC costs while increasing your return on investment.

How is PPC more successful than any other marketing strategy?

PPC ads are among the most critical elements of digital marketing. You only pay the publisher when someone clicks on your ad, and do not have to pay for just displaying the ad. Once a user clicks on your ad, they are immediately directed to your landing page. Hence there's a good chance that the visitor will be converted into a customer and ultimately increase your business revenue.

What are the benefits of PPC ads?

PPC also gives you lots of data about consumer behavior, which can be used in other areas. A successful PPC strategy means your ads will be displayed at the very top of SERPs. PPC results are easy to track and provide critical insight about your audience. They target your specific audience and ultimately increase traffic on your website while also increasing brand awareness. More traffic means more sales and your business growth.

Why should I choose SEO On the Go services for Google Ads Management campaign?

You need a highly experienced team that has the ability to adapt to your business-specific needs. Our team of competent PPC specialists will create, implement and monitor a result-oriented ads management campaign to maximize your ROI. We analyze each keyword in depth and choose the best keywords while minimizing the cost per click (CPC).

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